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Free Comprehensive Commercial & Residential Roof Inspection

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20 Point Roof Inspection

Our 20-point roof inspection gives you greater peace of mind when it comes to roof repair or possible replacement of a storm or wind damaged roof.

The following is a list of the Roof Components we inspect:

1. Fascia
2. Drip Edge
3. Ice/Water
4. Shingles (Punctured, Ripped, Delaminated, Migration, Hail, Wind, Granule Loss, Missing, Manufacturer Defects, Vandalism, Exposed Nails, Improper Installation, Improper use per code, Aged)
5. Ridge/Hip Cap Shingles
6. Flashings
7. Valleys
8. Plumbing Vents
9. Attic Vents (Slant Back, Turbine, Powered, Ridge)
10. Decking
11. Gutter (if any)
12. Chimney (if any)
13. Skylights (if any)
14. Previous Repairs
15. Attic (if accessible)
16. Gable Vents
17. Soffit Vents
18. Crickets
19. Step Flashing
20. Counter Flashing

Roof Repair or Roof Replacement

When it comes to getting a Free Roof Estimate, it's essential to find a Roofing Contractor who approaches the inspection with an open mind. Here's a tip: before they start assessing your roof, ask them if they also do repairs. If they say no, it might be a red flag unless you're absolutely certain you need a new roof.

Here's the thing: if your Roofing Contractor doesn't offer repair services, they'll likely push for a complete roof replacement, whether you truly need it or not. It's a common tactic, unfortunately.

Never settle for a roofing contractor without a warranty or guarantee on their work. A reliable roofing company will gladly provide you with a detailed overview of what their warranty covers. Don't be shy about asking questions to ensure you fully understand your coverage.

Some Roofing Contractors might hit you with sky-high repair estimates, even if a new roof is not really necessary. That's why it's crucial to carefully evaluate your options and make an informed decision that's best for you. Don't let anyone take advantage of your situation. Trust the experts at Marva Roofing to help you make sense of the process, get a free, detailed inspection and estimate, and provide you with prompt, courteous and experienced service every step of the way!

Don't share your Estimate/Inspection

Some homeowners believe that to get the best deal it is necessary to put Roofing Contractors against each other by sharing your Free Roof Inspection Reports or even New Roof Estimate.

Don't fall into this trap thinking it will give you a better rate. Roofing companies that base their prices on other companies' estimates are those who will often cut corners in an attempt to maintain profitability.

Don't let that happen to you!

If you try to convince one roofing company that another company will do the job cheaper, they will attempt to provide a high-end job a lower rates by skimming on material quality, labor times and even end up charging you more then the Roofing Company they were trying to beat.

It's understandable that you want to shop for the best offer at the best price, but judge each roofing company on its own merits including their experience, their expertise and their craftsmanship. These are the things you simply can't put a price on!

Out-of -Pocket vs Insurance

Most Roofing Contractors will provide a Free Roof Inspection and new roof estimate regardless of which approach you are talking. However it is important that you clarify which of the two you are using because it matters.

It matters to your Roofing Contractor if you are using Insurance to pay for your repairs or replacement because it may be necessary to wait for payments from your insurance once the job is complete. This puts and additional burden on your Contractor and requires that they use more resources. Basically it cost more money to do business with your insurance than it does to be paid directly by homeowner.

Your Roofing Contractor does not need your insurance claim paperwork to determine the cost of your roof repairs or roof replacement; so make sure to get a set cost regardless of how much the insurance is paying.

They should be able to provide you with an Roofing Estimate based solely on the work needed.

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